Your Treatment

Your Treatment

Raise the Bottom specializes in Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), first by utilizing medication to stabilize the patient by eliminating any withdrawal symptoms and minimizing cravings; and secondly by engaging in counseling and group therapy services that use techniques such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other therapies to help the patient gain new coping skills to be able to deal with situations in life after we taper them off the medication.

Our Mission

Raise the Bottom focuses on assessing and treating the whole person including individualized assessment and treatment to support positive physical, social, employment, educational, and emotional health. We are a treatment team that leads with dignity, respect, and compassion so that individuals suffering from the disease of addiction can reach their full potential in all life's aspects. We give persons served an opportunity and the support to change. We believe in helping our clients reach their full potential by employing a holistic approach.

Our Team

The staff at Raise the Bottom — includes a medical doctor who specializes in addictionology, nurses, counselors specially trained in addition treatment, mental health clinicians, and caring, empathetic people, many of whom are in recovery themselves — all believe in an individualized, holistic approach to helping anyone with the disease of addiction.

At Raise the Bottom, we have:

  • A physician who specializes in addictionology
  • Certified addiction counselors
  • Mental health specialists
  • Licensed nursing personnel
  • State of the art treatment practices

Addiction Treatment

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