Our counseling team is comprised of highly trained, certified, and licensed clinicians who will work with you in creating goals and will aid you every step of the way. We have a diverse counseling staff with the experience and expertise you need to be successful in your recovery. Recovery from a substance use disorder can be a long difficult process; however, you will not embark on your journey alone. Our counselors are trained to help you in all major areas of your life including substance use disorders and mental health; they will support your recovery on a daily basis by providing hope, motivation, inspiration, and above all, a caring non-judgmental approach to your treatment.

A counselor will be assigned to you, together, you will routinely discuss areas of your recovery and life to determine where you need and want help. You must meet with your counselor monthly, for one hour (at minimum) and we would encourage you to utilize your counselors services more often based on your need, life circumstances, length of time in treatment, etc. The number of contact hours of treatment will be determined based on your level of care and the standards of treatment set forth in Idaho. Depending on items identified in your individualized treatment program, you may also be asked to attend groups.

Your counselor can link you to resources and information regarding housing, transportation, education, childcare, medical services, mental health services, food, employment, and much more. Having access to and utilizing these resources can play an important role in your success. Your counselor will advocate for you and coordinate your care with other medical providers as needed. Keeping busy with productive activities that support recovery is recommended. Your counselor can discuss your employment and educational needs with you. Discrimination because of Methadone, Suboxone, or other Medication Assisted Treatment is illegal. If you face discrimination in your employment or educational pursuits because of your treatment, RTB staff will advocate and/or link you to resources to address these issues.