Mental Health disorders involve changes in thinking, mood, and/or behavior. These disorders can affect how we relate to others and make choices. Mental Health disorders may take many different forms, with some rooted in deep levels of anxiety, extreme changes in mood, and/or reduced ability to focus or behave appropriately. Others involve unwanted, intrusive thoughts and some may result in auditory and visual hallucinations or false beliefs about basic aspects of reality. Reaching a level that can be formally diagnosed often depends on a reduction in a person’s ability to function as a result of the disorder.

At RTB, we understand that recovery is a very personal process. That is why we feel it is very important for each individual to have a treatment plan and supportive services for mental and substance use disorders tailored to fit their needs. For many people with behavioral health problems the most effective approach often involves a combination of counseling and medication. Supportive services, such as case management, can also play an important role in promoting health and recovery.

We take great pride in developing a customized plan of freedom and success that you can fully engage in with the help of your counselor and medical staff. Our counseling team is comprised of highly trained, certified, and licensed clinicians who will work with you in creating goals and will aid you every step of the way.