51 people overdose on cbd oil in Utah

The CDC reported 51 cases of people experiencing adverse reactions following the use of CBD oil with 30 of those people being hospitalized. Adverse reactions reported in victims included altered mental status, seizures, confusion, loss of consciousness, and hallucinations. The adverse effects were inconsistent with known CBD effects prompting concern for adulteration with a substance such as a synthetic cannabinoid use.

Samples of products obtained by UPCC and tested by the Utah Department of Public Safety found a synthetic cannabinoid, 4-cyano CUMYL-BUTINACA and no cannabidiol. Patients reported purchasing the product in area tobacco shops. A product labeled as “Yolo” cannabidiol oil bearing a picture of blueberries and containing no other information about manufacturer and content was identified. Other products could also be implicated.

Of the overdosed individuals, 15 were <18 years, 31 were male, and 33 were from Salt Lake County. Over half reported using a “Yolo” product and two-thirds purchased their CBD product at a local tobacco store. Three-fourths of individuals reported vaping the product and another 17.6% used it sublingually. The median time to onset of adverse reaction was 1 minute, and the duration of adverse reaction lasted a median of 72 hours. The top adverse reactions reported were: altered mental status (82.4%), nausea or vomiting (49.0%), seizures or shaking (27.5%), loss of consciousness (25.5%) and hallucinations (23.5%).

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