Seeking help and recovery is the most important decision of your life. Our medical and clinical teams are ready to help you find the road to recovery and wellness.

96.8 % of patients report that they feel that RTB staff treats them with dignity and respect.

Dignity. Compassion. Respect. Empathy.

  • We truly care about our patients - and are invested in their recovery.
  • Many of our employees are in recovery - we don't just talk the talk, but we walk the walk.
  • Our team is compassionate, empathetic and show grace while holding people accountable.
  • We fight societal stigmas and strive to educate providers and the public.
  • We understand that addiction is a disease, not a choice or moral failing. This is backed by numerous scientific studies.
  • We believe that anyone can change with the appropriate support and resources.
  • We see the potential in our patients, even if they can't see it in themselves.
  • We provide individualized care, we do not create "blanket policies" restricting dosages or establishing across the board ceilings.

Addiction Treatment

Our facility prides itself on delivering the most current and effective forms of treatment in order to maximize your long term success. 

Mental Health Services

Individualized treatment plans for your individualized journey. 

What to Expect

text here about what to expect when working with RTB

  • 96.8 % of our patients report that they feel safe disclosing their problems and discussing their life issues with counseling and medical staff.
  • 93.3% of our patients report that they their counselor understands their problems, needs and goals.
  • 90% of our patients report that their life has improved since entering RTB's program.
  • 90% of our patients report that they are doing better in school, work and or other daily activities.
  • 97.5% of our patients report that they have and/or would recommend RTB to people who need opiate treatment.
  • A study reviewing all patients who admitted to RTB in the spring / summer of 2018 was completed to compare and contrast their initial intake drug screening results with their drug screening results 6 months after admission.  100% of our patients had positive drug screen results for illicit substances and/or abuse of prescribed substances upon admission. Upon review of those same patients  drug screening results  after 6 months of treatment, 80% of those patients had either no illicit substances found in their urine, or showed a significant decrease in the amounts and types of substances found in their urine.

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Raise the Bottom strives to decrease the shame and stigma associated with Substance Use Disorders and specifically, Opioid Use Disorders.  With that said, we recognize that certain words drive search engines and assist people in finding necessary resources and treatment options.  To assist our patients, potential patients, providers and other stakeholders, we are listing additional search terms that may assist in "search" efforts.  RTB continuously works to use pro-social and non-stigmatizing words and terms and as such, most of these words are not used in the body of our pages to describe our program or the services we provide.  Search Terms:  Methadone Clinic, Suboxone Clinic, Methadone Treatment Program, Suboxone Treatment Program, Vivitrol Program, Withdrawal Treatment, Substance Abuse, Addict, Addiction Therapist, Addiction Therapy, Drug Rehab, Out-patient Drug Rehab, Substance Abuse Counselors.

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